30kW DC-DC Solar EV Charger


The all new and innovative 30kW 1000V fast DC-DC EV wallbox solar charger with DC input and MPPT fucntionality is a highly advanced and efficient solution for providing EV charging possibilities at sites with installed solar panels. It is a vital component of a system where the grid connection is weak and a DC microgrid or a battery energy storage will be installed.

This all-in-pack solution features integrated electrical DC input with integrated MPPT and output protections and precharge and requires no external components to connect to the DC grid or directly to solar panels. DC coupling is possible within minutes.

Equipped with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity options, with in-built OCPP support, this DC input EV charger allowas easy integration and management by any charging stations e-mobility operator.

The energy management capabilities and connection protocols are directly transferred from the best industry practices and protocols like Modbus, making it easy to be integrated into the modern complex DC grids with centralized control.

The high-quality 10” color display provides real-time information, making it user-friendly and easy to operate. Available for customization based on operators’ requests.

This DC coupled EV fast solar charger provides true power output of 30 kilowatts even to well-exhausted EV batteries. Being possible to output voltage of 1000V, this EV charging station can charge any vehicle on the market – low-voltage architectures, high-voltage architectures, and even buses and trucks.

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