Unique balastra blog
Friday, 27 May 2011 00:00

blog_knowledgeI guess you have seen the changes from the last days. As you know, sharing knowledge is one of the most important goals we want to achieve. And now we are one step further achieving it.

From now on you can share not only single bookmarks and articles but folders and even the whole shared user's profile. This gives you the unique possibility to create public profile with knowledge categories and share them separately thus creating an unique knowledge blog.

How to do it? It is very simple - do nothing! Just share the bookmarks and articles that you think can be interesting and useful. Your shares will be shown in exactly the same folders as you see them in the personal section. And despite any blog that you know, you will have folders (categories) that have different types of knowledge - bookmarks, articles, notes, pictures ...

Do you want an example? Create a folder named "My Blog" and keep in it all the things that interest and thrill you. Together with your other public folders named like "Fitness", "Organic", "Health", "Energy", "Fun" or whatever you get a place with categorized knowledge. Share it with your friends or share just a specific folder. It is up to you. To use it, you just have to register...

An important notice: take care of how your shares look like. Think you are in the position of reading someone else's share. You would like it to be beautiful and readable, right? You have the possibilities to add images and descriptions to your folders. Use them! Since your profile is your face to the public and since the future will bring more and more features to that face, try to keep it pretty Smile

If you have proposals for a name of this unique knowledge blog, let us know! We need the right word Smile