Add your own content
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 00:00

add_contentProbably most of you have made the conclusion that balastra is just a site where you can store your favorite links. Yes, you can do that but the main goal is totally different - to make it a platform for storing all your personal knowledge and be able to share it with your friends afterwards. Whether it will be a bookmark, a file, a picture gallery, a document, an article or any kind of digital content, you will be able to store it and group it in the way that best suits you. No more predefined categories, you have full control.

How does it work? Imagine that you create a category named "Health". As a first step you can add bookmarks pointing to materials regarding health matter i.e. reference materials that are not yours. Secondly you can create your own material, copy it from somewhere or even make a compilation from different sources i.e. create some articles. Next, you can add some pictures, then some files, etc. After some time you will have a kind of directory with materials regarding health in the way as you see it. It becomes a kind of personal web folder. You can do the same for whatever field of knowledge you want. Eventually you will have all your knowledge gathered in categories (folders) for sharing or for private use - it's up to you.

What is the current state? It is now possible to add articles to the categories. Perhaps you are a bit confused by the word "article". It stands for any digitally inserted material and can be a note, blog-like article, document, etc. Moreover, you already have a personal image directory for the images that can be inserted into the articles where you can add, rename and delete files, create and delete directories and so on. You owe it, you decide how to organize it.

What next? The next step will allow sharing part of your knowledge with your friends, so that they can comment on it, rate it and thus increase the quantity and quality. How about to be able to organize a personal public profile while preserving the private one? Check this out very soon!