Why balastra?
Thursday, 16 December 2010 13:31

Do you think balastra (gravel) is boring? Do you think it's rubbish? Check this out!














colorful-stones mixed-stones












stone-heart wish-stones



stone-woman stone-man


Why did I chose the name balastra?

As you have already seen, balastra (gravel) can be really beautiful if used properly. Or seen with different eyes. But more importantly - it is the main construction material. It seems ordinary but without it, without the main foundation material, our civilization cannot exist.

What do we do with this site? We make the foundations of our knowledge and constantly build to improve. This is the main goal of www.balastra.com - to become a platform for building knowledge. We will be able to store any kind of knowledge here, categorize it and finally make it public. We want to get feedback to increase our knowledge or just meet interesting people that care about the same. This is how we feel rich - by gaining knowledge and by sharing it with people who want to know more.

So, build the foundations of your knowledge! You can store your favorite links and from a couple of days - write your own articles, memos, notes, whatever kind of written material you want and finally - add some pictures to it. 

It ain't over. More is to come!

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