I like to read
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 10:41

booksDo you like it too? Books, articles, blogs, even newspapers and magazines - all representations of combined words with meaning. And the Internet is the absolute treasury containing billions of them. As you all know, some of them are really very precious. Even more, most of the biggest libraries together with top IT companies like Microsoft and Google declared their will to digitize all the books and put them on the Internet. Of course, maybe not all will be free but still, you will have the chance to read sometimes absolute archive texts to which you do not have access anyway.

There are hundreds of thousands of sites, millions of writers with their own sites or blogs, all of which contain billions of written materials. How could you even think of keeping in your head all those references? Worry not! Smile We can help you!

Now you can use our site to keep the links to you favorite books or sites that provide books. You can organize them in categories in the way you like. Moreover, very soon you will have the chance not only to store links but to store contents. This means you will be able to write your own materials and put them in the same category.

In this manner you can organize your own library of materials that will be accessible from everywhere. If you have iPad or other tablet you can read your books from every point on the planet with Internet access. This is what I call a digital collection. Having that possibility is very easy and absolutely free just by registering from here.

Very soon you will begin recognizing balastra not only as a site for favorite bookmarks but as a platform for building knowledge.