Latest news
Friday, 22 October 2010 16:23

As you can see, a lot of changes were made to the site in the last months. Our main concern is to make it nice, handy and useful. Eventually, all of these :) I would like to bring to your attention just the four major changes in that direction.

There is a completely new blog ( From there you can catch up with the latest news and more importantly - get new ideas of how to use the site. Additionally, you can comment on the articles and share them with your friends which you are greatly encouraged to do :)

There is a new Help in the bookmarks menu. Hopefully, it explains a lot about bookmarks themselves, categories, searching, etc.

You can see your username now showing every time you are logged in. From now on, you can exit just by one click. The site is set for session time of four hours. So, if you close the browser without logging out, you do not have to log in within the next four hours.

Last but not least, there is a new Fast bookmark adding icon / button. You can find it under the Tools menu. IMPORTANT! It is strongly recommended to change your Fast adding icon / button in your browser's toolbar. Due to some changes, the old ones are not working. Hopefully, the procedure now is really fast and convenient.

So, if you are asking yourselves what would be the next, I will reveal a little. Till now, you could just store links (bookmarks). The next phase of development will bring the possibilities to add your own contents. Can't wait for it! :)