How to make a tourist album?
Monday, 04 October 2010 00:00

We all travel - sometimes for real, sometimes only in Internet. As we travel we collect memories - real, virtual - memories that we want to keep just for us - memories that we want to keep at one place.

We can provide you such an instrument that can help you do that - to keep the links to your memories. Memories that are scattered everywhere in the Internet.


After an interesting journey, you share it with your friends, right? Your friends do the same. Travelling in the Internet, sometimes we find breath taking sites and blogs. Imagine all of them collected in one place. Imagine you have a folder named "Maldives" where you can collect all your memories and the memories of your friends for the Maldives. Or you can add sites with beautiful pictures or the tourist agencies that can help you visit the islands. It is up to you.


The result is a personal almanac with the places that you and your friends like, the places that you have visited, posted in the blogs, posted as pictures in Picasa or as pictures in Facebook. Or wherever it is.

Expect other surprises. Soon!