Workspace, Highlight, Archive
Monday, 20 June 2011 14:33

WsArchHighYou can see them now - the brand new organizing tools. As most of our users know, when the knowledge grows, the number of bookmarks and articles grow too and the "Flood" may come any minute Smile Users with more than 500 bits of knowledge know that feeling Smile And since we provide the best service, we will give you the solution.


One natural solution is categorizing and grouping in folders. You already know this and probably you use it. Now, the new stuff - Workspace, Highlight and Archive. What are these?


Workspace. When you have tons of knowledge, even organized in folders, the display seems to be small and scrolling is your best friend, right? On the other hand, there are certain bits that you access every day, or every day save bookmarks for further reading, or every day have something important, something delayed, some drafts for your blog, etc. And all of these can be in different folders. How about having a mechanism to put them on a different page and name it Workspace? In general, you can put there everything that has to draw your attention. Keep in mind, that when you put something in Workspace, it still shows in My knowledge section, too.


Highlight. Highlighting goes even further. Some bits can be very important, so why don't we just highlight them? They will show in yellow and remind of themselves. Combining Workspace and Highlight, gives you a perfect working tool. Even if you are not using balastra as a working tool, storing the everyday links to Workspace, saves a lot of your time.


Archive. This is just an archive. What happens if you have some bits that you have used and stored for some reason but you don't need them any more? You have two options - deleting or archiving. In most of the cases, deleting is fine but sometimes there are bits you don't want to see in the main section and don't want to delete them. Then comes archiving. Important note: When you archive a bit of knowledge, it shows only in the archive section. You can restore it from there, if needed.

That's all for now! We hope you will find these new features useful. They are born from practice and should be helpful Smile